About Kraken Print & Design

Why the name I hear you ask? The Kraken, a mythical beast of Scandinavian folklore has had a long and imposing presence for centuries echoing the experience of the father-son duo that head up team Kraken.

They are also beard lovers just like the pirates the Kraken loves to terrorise at sea! But don’t worry that’s where the similarities end, your Print and Design dreams will be works of art and not fiction.

Your Print and Design solutions are only a step away. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We will take your brief, produce artwork, free proofs for approval, quote, produce the goods and deliver your job before you need it.

Here is a list of what we are able to achieve for you and it is by no means exhaustive…

If you don’t see what you are looking for it is likely that over the 40 plus years that we have been in the industry that we have seen it, found a way to print it and bought the t-shirt! It’s that simple, just ask.

Meet the Kraken Print & Design team

Ryan Smith - Head of Design at Kraken Print & Design

Ryan Smith

Head of Design

With an excellent eye for design and branding your designs will go from concept to reality under Ryan’s careful watch. Perfection runs through Ryan’s blood, just like Brighton runs through a stick of rock. No job is too big or too small. Each project is treated with the highest regard and will be guided through the process by his safe hands.

When the creative juices need a rest, Ryan likes to get the adrenalin flowing. He is an avid hiker, cyclist and has been known to partake in a little mountain climbing. Also, one to get the brain matter engaged he knows his way around a chess board and enjoys the online version too.

Daryl Baker - Head of Production at Kraken Print & Design

Daryl Baker

Head of Production

Daryl has 30 years expertise in the signage and large format printing industry.

He has experience in producing and installing everything from intricate vinyl decals to large office wallpapers, vehicle and shop signage.

The highlight of his career was applying vinyl graphics and gold foil heat shielding to Ayrton Senna's Marlboro F1 classic MP4 cars.

When not producing signage Daryl likes to swing his leg over anything with 2 wheels to get his adrenalin fix - Mountain bikes, Motocross and Superbikes.

He is also passionate about being outdoors and visiting iconic museums, scenic landmarks and historical buildings.

Colin Smith - Head of Admin at Kraken Print & Design

Colin Smith

Head of Admin

Our numbers guy and the one that steers Kraken through the waters. Our most tenured and experienced member of the team. Colin is passionate about our customer experience, reputation and service. A stickler for punctuality and old school business ethics. Happy to chat via all social media platforms, but if a face-to-face meeting is more your style then he is more than happy to oblige.

Outside of the world of Kraken, Colin’s happy place is exploring the great outdoors on his mountain bike. Travelling to the far corners of the UK, escapism comes easy to this team member! When his feet are firmly on the ground (and not on the peddles) he can be found tending his garden or on the hunt for that perfect bottle of red!

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